Shenyang City Manchu Nationality Demeanor Garden

Manchu was “Nüzhen” in history, the nationality name was changed into Manchuria in 1635, meaning “auspice” in Manchu language. It was called “ManZhouZu” before Revolution of 1911, and it was later changed into “ Manchu”.

Now it is mainly distributed in the Northeast, mostly in Liaoning. The garden is a specified exposition garden to reflect customs and habits of Manchu people, with natural materials including woods, grassland, mountain stone, waterfall, water pond and rivulet in the garden, living environment of Manchu nationality is formed together with gray tile and wall and civilian residential housing of the Qing Dynasty. With the aid of change in terrain of garden, it outlines the unique folkways of Manchu people and the colorful nationality culture from different perspectives.

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