Brief Introduction of Shenyang BotanicalGarden (Shenyang  Expo Garden)

Shenyang Botanical Garden (Shenyang  Expo Garden) is the site of the 2006 ChinaWorld Horticultural Exposition, covering an area of 2.46 square kilometers. Thepark is located in the scenic spot of the chessboard mountain tourist center inthe eastern part of the city. It is only ten kilometers away from the urbanarea, and the traffic is very convenient. It won the title of the first batchof AAAAA tourism scenic spots in the country, and is integrated and certifiedby ISO9001 quality management, ISO14001 environmental management system andOHSAS18001 occupational safety and health system. It is a multi-functionalcomprehensive tourist attraction with green ecological ornamental, exquisitegarden art, humanistic landscape architecture, scientific research popularscience education and entertainment leisure activities.

Shenyang Botanical Garden (Shenyang  Expo Garden) is  more than 2000 species of woody plants, openfield herbaceous plants and greenhouse plants in the botanical garden. Theplant resources in the northeast, northwest, North China and the region arecollected and displayed, which is the most comprehensive plant exhibition areain Northeast China. Lily tower, Phoenix Plaza and rose garden are symbolicthematic architectures. The park is a collection of gardens and architecturalproducts of five continents and key cities in the world. Nearly a hundred styleexhibition gardens dot the whole park like stars, displaying the unique charmof harmony and unity of humanities, art and natural landscape. There arerecreational areas such as amusement bridge area, forest playground,Squirrelstage and many recreational places for tourists. Songta Research Classroom,Science Popularization Hall, Liliwen Tourist Workshop and so on make touristscloser to nature and appreciate the mystery and magic of natural science.

Flowers blossom in the park, and thescenery is beautiful and pleasant. Among them, Tulip Festival, RhododendronExhibition, Fine Orchid Exhibition and Cherry Flower Exhibition were held inApril-May; Peony and Peony Flower Exhibition, Iris Exhibition and Water LotusExhibition were held in May-June; Lily Exhibition and Lotus Exhibition wereheld in July; Blue Flower Exhibition was held in August; ChrysanthemumExhibition was held in October. These flower exhibitions are very exciting andinteresting, which are rare and gorgeous scenery in the northern region.

Gathering the world horticulture, showingcontemporary wonders, the flower exhibition is gorgeous, reflecting all kindsof customs.Shenyang Botanical Garden (Shenyang Expo Garden) of the botanical garden sincerely welcomes the arrival ofall the guests.

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